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Hello, all!

Welcome to our wedding website! Here you can find information about the wedding ceremony & reception, how to RSVP, travel & hotels, and our registry. We are so excited to share our big day with you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and send an email to:

UPDATE 7/11:
What will our wedding day look like with respect to COVID-19?

The Mass will remain the same.
--Because the Mass must remain the same for liturgical reasons, COVID-19 restrictions will affect the way we attend Mass, but NOT what will occur.

What will occur if I decide to attend the Mass?
--The Cathedral has a capacity of 1,500 people. We expect our guests to account for roughly 10% of the Cathedral's capacity, so there is more than enough room to distance appropriately.
--The entirety of the Cathedral space (especially the pews, kneelers, and doors) will have been sanitized before arrival. This is the Cathedral’s policy and commitment.
--All guests will be required to wear a mask while in the Church.
--Guests will enter the Church via the side door (adjacent to the parking lot on North Dithridge Street). This is the only door through which the congregation can enter.
--Doors will be open so that no guest will need to touch the handles, or a designated person will be there to open the doors for you.
--Upon entering, you will be asked to sign our guest book. There will be sanitized pens available for your use, and we will designate someone to be on standby to ensure pens are cleaned after use. If you so choose, you may use your own pen.
--Once guests finish signing our guest book, they will proceed through the doors to enter the church. There will be hand sanitizer available immediately in front of that doorway.
--Guests will then be directed to find a seat in the church by an usher. Pews will be roped off; if there is a piece of ribbon across the opening, guests will be directed to the nearest pew without ribbon. Social distancing is encouraged, but families and households are allowed and encouraged to sit together. Upon entering the church, the usher will ask if the guests are family of either the bride or the groom; family will be escorted to the front set of pews to be closest to the sanctuary.
--Wedding guests will remain in their pew for the duration of the Mass.
--If you are Catholic and in good standing with the Church, you may receive communion. The reception of Holy Communion may be within the Mass at the normal time, or after Mass. Updates will be provided, and this will be announced within the Mass itself by the priest.
--Once the wedding Mass has concluded, guests will be asked to exit the Church through another door on the left-hand side. The exit is NOT the same set of doors through which guests entered. Ushers will be stationed in the main aisle to offer
direction if necessary.

If guests have questions about the Diocese’s response and plan to prevent the spread of the virus, please see the Diocese website:

We are planning our reception with flexible pieces that will respond to the current governmental guidelines. Our reception decisions will be analogous to the current practices and guidelines for outdoor dining.

--Guests will be required to wear masks indoors, except when eating or drinking. Once again, all of our reception will be outdoors, but this guideline will apply to particular circmstances, such as using the restroom, etc.
--While outdoors, it will be up to each guest to decide if a mask is necessary. We will be providing enough space for our guests to social distance at all times at the reception venue.
--According to the current guidelines, guests are NOT required to wear masks outdoors when they are able to maintain social distance and/or when they are nearby their family/household. (See page 2 of the order here:
--In order to answer some of the questions our guests have, we illustrated below a few options:

If the governmental guidelines say, "No gatherings of more than 25/50...," Guests will be asked to attend in "shifts" so as to respect the max. number of guests.

If the governmental guidelines say, "No indoor dining," this is not a concern for us since we have moved the entire reception outdoors.

If the governmental guidelines say, "No alcohol served on-site," mocktails and soda options will be served.

At the time we are writing this update, we are allowed to have up to 250 people outdoors.

We are eager to celebrate our day with you all to the extent that we are able to do so safely! Please reach out with questions at the email listed above. We are overjoyed to be getting married in less than 50 days!

God bless,
Alison & Anthony
Susan Moyal